Top Fintech Companies and Startups to Know About

The fintech industry has experienced big achievements after the introduction of mobile technology. In the past two decades, the fintech industry has grown to the levels which were unimaginable before. The banking and financial options have evolved with time as mobile applications for banking were introduced. Apart from the banks, private digital loans, mobile stocks, and commerce payment platforms are also developing, giving a boost to the entire fintech industry. Here are some of the new fintech companies that you need to look out for in 2020.



Pitchbook is a financial software company from Washington under venture capital and investments. The company provides information about public and private equity markets. It enables people to capitalize on new business opportunities. Companies, investors, professionals, and investors can use this tool for research on the market, source investments, and fundraising information.


It is a special loan service for middle-income consumers which offers low-level loans. This service works as a resource for customers who can access funds to cover up their small debts and bills. It is an easy to use application which can provide a loan with a quick registration.



OnDeck is another lending platform which provides loan services for small businesses. The service is exclusive for small businesses and startups. Entrepreneurs can apply for loans and credits to receive fast funding. The registration is easy to complete and can get approved in a day.


Enfusion is a complete investment management platform which provides all tools for the asset manager, hedge funds, trading, operations, and risk management. It can also help with family offices and accounting. Getting a clear view of the finances can enhance the view of business and help enhance operational efficiency.


The circle is a crypto-financial platform which provides safety and account of your cryptocurrency. The application allows users to keep their websites safe and have international transactions. The cryptocurrency can work as a currency exchange between two different countries and help the users to invest in forex.



Transferwise helps the users to move money in the market. It helps in forex exchange without any unnecessary fees. The users can have worldwide clients with which they can transfer or exchange currencies. The app can also be used by companies to invoice vendors irrespective of currencies.


Billtrust providers users a management tool for monitoring and operating their payment cycles. It can be used in business services, manufacturing, equipment, and distribution companies. The software aims to improve the invoice-to-cash process with flexible operation. It can automate the cash flow, and accelerate the efficiency of a company.



Coinbase is another cryptocurrency platform which provides buying, selling, and managing cryptocurrency and digital currency. It provides security encryption in the mobile of users. The app is currently running in 32 countries and supports all the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

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