20 May 2017

Lithuania is spreading the message about an ambition to take the leading role in life sciences

Today Lithuania‘s potential and opportunities for partnership and growth were presented in Germany at BIONNALE, which is the largest networking event for life sciences and healthcare industries in the German capital region. BIONNALE 2017 focuses on biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical technology. In these areas Lithuanian science and businesses can be a valuable contributor and partner, and this was highly acknowledged by our German colleagues, who expressed their commitment to join us at Life Sciences Baltic forum on September 28 – 29, 2018 in Vilnius, organized by Enterprise Lithuania. Rugile Andziukeviciute, Vice-minister of Economy, had extensive discussions with „Berlin Partner“, Germany‘s premier location for healthcare industries and important partner for Lithuania. Potential agreement between Lithuania and Germany will focus on actual steps of collaboration in science, business development and communications through joined effort and mutual support.

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